The Lanarkshire Region

The Lanarkshire Region

South Lanarkshire College is one of two colleges within the Lanarkshire region. Each college in the Region has its own Board of Management. South Lanarkshire College Board of Management employs our staff, owns our assets and sets our strategic direction. Two student members are part of South Lanarkshire College’s Board of Management. The Chair of the Board and the Principal work very closely with our two student representatives to make sure that South Lanarkshire College does its best to meet the needs of our students.

As well as working with our own Board of Management, South Lanarkshire College is assigned to The Lanarkshire Board. The Lanarkshire Board ensures that there’s consistency of provision across the Lanarkshire region. The Lanarkshire Board also monitors quality of provision and student success as well as providing a key role in supporting our Regional Outcome Agreement.

The Lanarkshire Board has a key role in ensuring that strategic direction is set for the Lanarkshire region and beyond.

To read The Lanarkshire Colleges outcome agreement document please click the link below

Lanarkshire Regional Outcome Agreement 2015

Lanarkshire Regional Outcome Agreement 2016

Lanarkshire Regional Outcome Agreement 2017

Lanarkshire Regional Outcome Agreement 2018-2021

Lanarkshire Regional Outcome Agreement 2019