Proud to Undertake the full Emilytest GBV Charter

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South Lanarkshire College is delighted to announce that we have been accepted to undertake the full EmilyTest Charter, as part of our ongoing commitment to tackle gender-based violence (GBV). The College was one of only two colleges in Scotland to take part in the Charter Pilot earlier this year and we look forward to building upon the already excellent work that has taken place. 

As part of the Pilot, we recently received our SLC Impact and Evaluation Report which clearly outlined successes, problems, barriers to change and opportunities for change.  The report provided overwhelmingly positive feedback on the important work that the College had started both as part of the Pilot and due to our earlier work using the Equally Safe Strategy.  South Lanarkshire College has been committed to tackling Gender Based Violence for many years and it has been extremely beneficial to work with EmilyTest to help review the work that has been taking place.  We very much look forward to seeing how we can build upon and improve on the support services already in place for our students and staff.

Successes highlighted by EmilyTest include the fact that tackling the issue of GBV has been taken onboard from a ‘whole institution’ approach, with engagement across the College including from Senior Leadership through to our Student Association.  Our cross-college working group has created a space where teams can openly discuss and review the work undertaken, as well as what is required for moving forward.

Our new Action Plan and Theory of Change documents have outlined how we intend to address all the EmilyTest Charter Principles of being:

  1. Open and Learning
  2. Knowledgeable and Empowered
  3. Comprehensive and Connected
  4. Equal and Inclusive
  5. Safe and Effective

The Report also highlighted that staff within the College already have a strong awareness of safeguarding and GBV issues, alongside recognising there is an awareness of the challenges and barriers that may occur when expanding on the work required to address these issues.  

South Lanarkshire College will continue to highlight and raise awareness of GBV, as well as the support services that are available both within the College and in the local community.  This focus on visibility and our zero-tolerance approach to GBV were particularly commended by the Report by EmilyTest. 

Going forward we intend to increase this awareness of gender-based violence through both staff and student training, ongoing campaigns and expanding on our partnership working.  For further details on the support already available at the College, please visit our dedicated Gender-Based Violence Prevention webpage here:

South Lanarkshire College is firmly committed to working towards a future where gender-based violence no longer exists.  By taking part in the world’s first Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Charter for Colleges and Universities,  we hope this is an important step in helping to make that vision a reality.