SRS Commitment

SRS Commitment

The National Union of Students (NUS) has selected South Lanarkshire College Students’ Association and South Lanarkshire College to take part in the Responsible Futures pilot programme.

What is Responsible Futures?

Responsible Futures group work with College and University institutions to embed sustainability into the curriculum of every student in education today. It can help you to:

  • Embed sustainability into your students’ learning experience
  • Prepare your students for the emerging low-carbon economy
  • Strengthen the relationship between your Students’ Association and your College

How does the College get recognition?

Working through a bank of criteria set by NUS, South Lanarkshire College Students’ Association and South Lanakshire College are working in partnership to earn our accreditation mark. This will demonstrate the action on education for sustainable development (ESD). This is a commitment to helping students leave education being part of the solution to the sustainability challenges and not contributors to the problem.

Who is involved in gaining the accreditation for our College?

The Students’ Association and key members of college staff make up the working group who gather evidence relating to the criteria points within the accreditation framework.

Our Commitment

We South Lanarkshire College Students’ Association are committed to embedding the principles of and issues relating to Responsible Futures.