Childcare Funds

Childcare Funds

Childcare Funds

Funds may be available to provide some assistance to help you meet the cost of formal and registered childcare for timetabled sessions where the cost is not already met by other funding sources, such as, free nursery places for 3-5 year olds, Lone Parent Childcare Grant or the childcare element of Working Tax Credits.

College Discretionary Childcare Funds

College Discretionary Childcare Funds are cash limited and there can be no guarantee that costs can be met. If you wish to apply for support with the cost of registered childcare, you should do so immediately you enrol on a College course.

You cannot claim assistance if a family member or a friend looks after your child. Registered providers include: After-school Clubs, Breakfast Clubs, Childminders and Nurseries. The maximum that will be paid to any one student is £10,000 over an academic year, including the Lone Parent Childcare Grant.

All applications to the College Discretionary Childcare Fund will be assessed on the basis of need and therefore household income and savings will be taken into account. Other childcare support already being claimed (eg Lone Parent Childcare Grant, free nursery places for 3-5 year olds, childcare element of Working Tax Credit) will be deducted prior to an award being made.

Applicants must be:
(FE & HE) past compulsory school leaving age
(FE) eligible under residency rules
(HE) UK domiciled or eligible for full student support
(FE) attending a fundable course as a fundable student
(HE) attending an eligible full-time course of study

Students who are not eligible for support (see above) under the childcare funding regulations may be eligible to make application under the College Discretionary Fund regulations.

FE & Lone Parent Childcare Grant

The first £1,215 of support to Lone Parents to assist formal and registered childcare costs will normally be payable from Lone Parent Childcare Grant. This fund was previously administered by SAAS and available to HE students only. From 2011/12 LPCG was administered by colleges and is available to both FE and HE students.

Application forms are available in the Advice Centre from the start of term.