Bursary Appeals

Bursary Appeals

What to do

Under what circumstances can you lodge an appeal in relation to a bursary award?

You may appeal in the following circumstances:

a. If you have applied for a bursary and the College has refused to award you one.

b. If you have received notification of a bursary award but disagree with the assessment.

c. If payments have been withheld.

When do you need to lodge an appeal by?

If you wish to appeal against a notification of a bursary award or notification that payments have been withheld, you must do so within 14 days of receiving the notification.

How do you lodge an appeal?

Any appeal must be made in writing to the Head of Student Services.

An appeal must contain sufficient information or evidence for the appeals panel to review your case and come to a decision. If an appeal does not contain sufficient information, the Head of Student Services will advise you to resubmit the appeal with the required information or evidence. You will have an additional 7 working days to do this. You should go to the Advice Centre and request a Bursary Appeals Form or click on this link to download the form:

Bursary Appeals form