Bursary & EMA Payments

Bursary & EMA Payments


You should bring your student ID card every time you attend College as you should swipe your card to record your attendance in class. If you lose your card, a replacement card should be purchased. If you simply have forgotten your card one day, you must speak to your class lecturer to ensure that your attendance has been manually recorded.

It is recommended that you check your attendance weekly on the student web portal to ensure that the correct attendance, authorised absence, directed study or no timetables class has been recorded in your attendance record.

If you notice any discrepancy, it is important that you speak to your lecturer immediately or it may not be possible to amend your attendance record at a later date.

Make sure you that you read and comply with the conditions of any funding awards. The attendance requirement for EMA is 100% and for Bursary it is 60%. If your attendance falls below the required level, your next payment will be suspended and you may be withdrawn. Please check your student email and your attendance record on a regular basis.

Under the conditions of your funding award you are expected to attend all classes. If you have been absent from college due to illness or another reason you can use any of the following to ensure the attendance requirement is maintained:

•    Authorised Absence (granted at the discretion of the Faculty)
•    College Self-Certificate (for short-term absence up to 5 days i.e. college week)
•    Medical Certificate (for longer periods of absence)

Authorised Absence

You may be granted an Authorised Absence through your Course Tutor (this will normally be agreed in advance with supporting evidence provided), if any of the following circumstances apply:

•    Production of a medical appointment card for doctor / hospital / clinic / emergency dentist
NB Pre-arranged dental appointments should be out with class time
•    Production of a letter requiring court attendance as juror / witness / defendant
•    Production of a letter requiring attendance at a probation meeting
•    Whilst awaiting Disclosure clearance to undertake placement element of course
•    Non-attendance at a specific class because the unit has already been achieved
•    Religious holidays, by prior arrangement only (should be noted in PLP)
•    Funeral of a close family member when leave is granted prior to the funeral
•    Family emergency (judged at discretion of lecturer) half-day or maximum one day
•    Unexpected caring responsibilities, either for the student’s child(ren) or an adult dependent, such as the illness of a child or dependent
•    Severe weather and transport breakdown
•    Attendance at a family funeral
•    Attendance at Children’s Hearing, court, meeting related to caring responsibilities or care needs, etc
•    Work experience placements
•    Exam preparation


You can self-certificate a period of absence of up to a maximum of 5 days i.e. college week. You submit a self-certificate through the College web portal. This has to be recorded within 3 days of your return to College. You will be entitled to a maximum of 6 self-certifications for a 36-week programme of study (this will be reduced for shorter courses), using a maximum of 2 in any one academic block of study (12-week period). If you are experiencing issues logging onto the College web portal, you should contact IT Support, to have this resolved. Information on how to submit a self-certification is available on the website, College VLE and from the Advice Centre.

Medical Certificate

If you are absent from College due to a medical reason you should submit a medical certificate, which you will get from your General Practitioner. Medical certificates should be posted in the sealed box in the Advice Centre within 3 days of your return to College. We can only accept the original copy.

Any student whose accumulated absence exceeds six weeks during the academic session will have their funding suspended pending further investigation.


•    Is a weekly allowance and is only paid for full weeks within term time
•    Can only be paid where the student has achieved 100% weekly attendance
•    Payments are made on a fortnightly basis and are paid directly to the student’s bank account
•    Payments are not made during short term-time holiday periods (i.e. October Week, Christmas, Spring/Easter)
•    Travel is paid four-weekly from Bursary on a separate payment schedule (see Bursary payment schedule below)

EMA Conditions of Award 2021-22

EMA Payment Dates 2021-22


Bursary will only be paid where, in the four week reporting period, the student has achieved satisfactory levels of:

•    Attendance (60%)
•    Conduct
•    Progress

Bursaries may not be paid for the short holiday weeks (October week, Christmas, Spring/Easter) but are paid pro-rata over 42 weeks for standard courses.

Students attending courses of 42 weeks (36 course weeks + 6 short holiday weeks) will normally receive 11 instalments (10 x 4 weeks plus 1 x 2 weeks)

Bursary Conditions of Award 2021-22

Bursary Payment Dates 2021-22

Childcare & Discretionary Funds

Both childcare and discretionary fund payments may be withheld if attendance is not satisfactory.