Model Publication Scheme

Model Publication Scheme

Under section 23 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act, the College has a duty to adopt and maintain a publication scheme.

The purpose of the scheme is to make available information which is in the public interest with regard to the services provided by the College, the standards attained and the reasons for decisions made by the College. In fulfilling our responsibilities, the College is fully committed to openness, transparency and the public interest in Further Education.

This section of the website covers general information about how to make contact with us. It includes information about how to obtain information from us, how to complain about us, and how to serve formal documents on us. It’s aimed at providing very general information for the public and will direct you to other parts of the site for more detailed information- just follow the links.

Model Publication Scheme was produced and approved by the Scottish Information Commissioner on 1st November 2018.

The Model Publication Scheme details a number of principles governing how authorities, such as the College, should make published information available:

Availability and formats:
Information should, wherever possible, be made available on the authority’s website. There must be an alternative arrangement for people who cannot or do not want to access the information online or by visiting the authority.

Exempt information:
Authorities do not have to publish information that would be exempt under Scottish FoI law.

Copyright and re-use:
Any copyright and restrictions on re-use of published information must be explained.

There can be no charge to view published information except where there is a statutory fee. Any charges for providing information e.g. copies, must be published and must be set at the level it costs the authority to provide it. Authorities can charge a market value for publications sold e.g. through a retail outlet.

Advice and assistance:
Authorities must give contact details for help to find and request information.

Once published, information should generally be available for the current and previous two years.

The overall running of the College’s publication scheme is the responsibility of:

Aileen McKechnie, College Principal

Day-to-day responsibility for running the scheme lies with:

Stella McManus, Depute Principal

For details of the College Publication Scheme, click here.