Board Members

Board Members

With a refresh of Board Members recently we are currently in the process of updating our Board Members bios and pictures and these will be uploaded shortly.

List of Members and Date of Appointment to Board

Chairing Member – Paul Hutchinson – Appointed September 2020

Acting Principal – Alan Sherry OBE (ex officio) Appointed March 2022

Non-Executive Members

Heather Anderson – Appointed September 2021

Patricia Donnelly – Senior Independent Member – Appointed February 2019

Clare Gibb – Chair of Finance Committee – Appointed September 2016

Declan Hogan – Appointed September 2021

Andy Kerr – Appointed May 2018

Chris McDowall – Chair of HR Committee – Appointed September 2016

Craig McLaughlin – Chair of Audit Committee – Appointed September 2021

Douglas Morrison – Appointed September 2021

Ronnie Smith – Appointed November 2019

Heather Stenhouse – Chair of CQD – Appointed September 2021

Fiona Whittaker – Appointed September 2021

Staff Members

Anne Doherty – appointed by staff election


Student Members

Alan Mackie – appointed by student election

Rahela Calin – Student Observer nominated by Student Association to cover for Student Member on maternity leave

Co-opted Member

Fiona Mullen – Appointed September 2021

In attendance – Peter f Scott Acting Clerk to the Board – since January 2022